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Research Experiences for Undergraduates

For external mentors

2017 cohort of students with faculty

Students who apply to participate in the REU program at CWU are required to have a faculty mentor at their home institution who is committed to being involved. 

Why external faculty mentors?

Two of the goals of the proposed program are to develop a regional network of faculty and students who participate in interdisciplinary hazards research, and to develop a support system for transfer students moving from the 2YC to 4YC environment. Both of these goals require sustained involvement of students, faculty, and other mentors before, during, and after the summer research experience.

A regional network that shares a common research interest can be powerful for developing new ideas, making job-related and school-related connections and decisions, and feeling a part of the research community despite distance. A key component of establishing this network is the involvement of faculty mentors at students’ home institutions.

What is expected of external mentors? 

When a student applies to participate in our REU program, they will be asked to provide a letter from a faculty member at their home institution who is willing to commit
to be involved throughout their participation. "Being involved" means receiving and responding to weekly updates from your student, and participating in our weekly seminar, if available. Based on participation, faculty may receive a small stipend ($500) and funds to attend the annual Northwest Cliamate Conference where students will present their research. 

We understand that plans change and you may not be available during the summer on a regular basis. We appreciate the support you give your students, and ask that you keep your student informed of your availability. 


Contact Anne Egger, the REU Program Director (

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