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Research Experiences for Undergraduates

For CWU faculty

Mentoring students in the REU program

We know that our faculty have a lot of experience mentoring undergraduates in research. The REU program is slightly different, however, in a few ways:

  • Students are coming from other regional schools, not from CWU, to work with you during the summer;
  • Students are likely to be in the first two years of college, and may have minimal experience and preparation for research;
  • You and your student(s) will be making connections between your research and research in other disciplines, all of which are addressing climate change in the Pacific Northwest. 

In parallel with activities for REU students, therefore, we will have support and professional development for the faculty that are involved.

Your role

Faculty members with research projects will review student applicants, and select a student (or students) if they wish. If the student(s) accept, you will

  • Sign a contract agreeing to participate in all aspects of the program;
  • Receive a summer stipend (minimum of 3 WLU);
  • Attend and participate in a half-day workshop during spring quarter;
  • Begin to work with the REU student via email during spring quarter;
  • Work with the student(s) for 8 weeks during the summer (the 8-week period may include time in the field away from campus);
  • Present your research during one meeting of the weekly summer seminar.

Spring quarter workshop

During the workshop, faculty will make short presentations about their own research to each other and discuss interdisciplinary connections. Faculty will perform goal setting for their summer research, and prepare for engagement with the students. Those faculty mentors located at the student’s home campus will participate via distance education, or will drive if they are close enough.

Getting involved

If you have a project that you would like to recruit students for, please talk to Anne Egger (509-963-2870). You can also take a look at other faculty projects.

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