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CWU Retirement Association


Officers & Board of Directors of the CWU Retirement Association (2013-2014)

Officers and Board of Directors

The CWURA Board of Directors meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday, 8:00 am in Black Hall 228.

President: Becky Baker 968-3626;

President-Elect: Corwin King 962-9330;

Past President: Connie Roberts 925-1312;

Secretary: Edna Madsen 925-1513;

Treasurer: Sheryl Grunden 964-9032;

Active Classified: Carol Mellergaard 963-1411;

Retired Classified: Lynn Linnell 925-2328;

Active Faculty: Bob Carbaugh 963-3443;

Retired Faculty: Libby Street; 925-4304;

Ex-officio: University Relations: Catherine Scarlett 963-3083;

Past Officers: An historical list of past officers can be seen at Previous Officers. If there are any corrections or additional info that anyone can provide, please contact the President.

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