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CWU Retirement Association

The Living History Project Lives Again: Volunteers Needed

Central Washington University Retirement Association is poised to reinstitute the Living History Project with the support of CWU President James Gaudino and many dedicated retirees. As many of you know, the project involves conducting structured interviews with those who have retired from CWU.
There are two ways you can help. First, if you have not been interviewed, you can agree to do so. Someone will contact you and set times for interviews. Second, we need a cadre of individuals who would be willing to conduct the interviews. Important
characteristics of good interviewers include:

  • • A strong voice (to ensure that those being interviewed will be able to hear the instructions and questions);
  • • Knowledge of the university (to assist in developing follow-up questions as needed in each interview); and
  • • Ability to not overly guide the interviewee (to ensure that what is said represents what the interviewee intended to say rather
  • than what the interviewer thinks he or she should say.)

We will arrange a brief training for interviewers, and arrange schedules for mutual convenience for the interviewer and the interviewee. If you are willing to help either way mentioned above, please contact Libby Street by phone at 925-4304 or by
electronic mail at

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