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University Policy Advisory Committee

UPAC is an advisory committee that advises the president on updates and revisions to existing policies and procedures, as well as proposing new ones. The membership of the committee is set by university policy.  

The purpose of the committee is to: (1) review and recommend to the president changes to university policy and procedure; (2) serve as a communication vehicle for the campus; (3) review departmental policies and procedures impacting or affecting other departments; and (4) recommending for acceptance as a departmental policy/procedure to the appropriate vice president or chief of staff.

Next Meetings - April 19 and June 14, 2017

Barge Hall room 412 at 8:30 am

UPAC Agenda - February 1, 2017

I. Action Items

1.         Action: Approval of UPAC Minutes from October 26, 2016 

2.         Policies & Procedures: Summary sheets precede individual policies and procedures.

          A. Academic & Student Life - Katherine Frank

             1. No ASL policies or procedures to review at this time

           B. Business & Financial Affairs - Joel Klucking:

             1.  CWUP 2-30-120 & CWUR 7-40-070 Military Leave Policy and Procedure

             2. CWUR 7-40-180 Uniform Service Shared Leave Pool (USSLP) Procedure

           C. Operations - Kurt Lohide:

             1. CWUP 2-50-070 Key Policy

             2. CWUR 7-30-110 Key Issuance Policy

             3. CWUR 7-30-040 Consultant Selection Procedure

           D. President's Division - Linda Schactler:

              1. No President's Division policies or procedures to present at this time. 

            E. Enrollment Management - Sharon O'Hare:

               1. CWUR 5-10-020 Payment Plan Procedure

               2. CWUP 2-20-090 & CWUR 5-10-010 Waiver of Tuition and Fees Policy and                    Procedure 

UPAC Member List
updated 2/1/17

Ex-officio, non-voting:

President Jim Gaudino (Chair)

Ex-officio voting:

Academic Department Chairs Organization - Wendy Cook

Chair, Employee Council - Lidia Anderson

Chair, Exempt Employees Association - Joey Bryant

Chair, Faculty Senate - Sathy Rajendran

Chief of Staff - Linda Schactler

Dean of College of Business - Kathryn Martell

President, ASCWU BOD - Armando Ortiz

Provost / VP of Academic Affairs - Katherine Frank

VP of Business and Financial Affairs - Joel Klucking

VP of Enrollment Management - Sharon O'Hare

VP of Operations  - Kurt Lohide

Ex-officio advisory non-voting:

Assistant VP, Information and Security Services -  Andreas Bohman

Associate Provost of Faculty Affairs and Extended Learning - Anne Cubilie

Associate Provost of Accreditation and Academic Planning - Bernadette Jungblut

Associate VP of Finance and Business Auxiliaries - Joel Klucking

Dean, Graduate Studies and Research  - Kevin Archer

Dean, Library Services - Patricia Cutright

Dean, College of Arts and Humanities - Stacey Robertson

Dean, Student Success - Sarah Swager

Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies - Paul Ballard

Dean, College of the Sciences - Tim Englund

Director of Athletics - Dennis Francois

Director of Budget and Development - Adrian Naranjo

Director of Capital Planning and Projects - Bill Yarwood

Director of Inclusivity and Diversity - Kandee Cleary

Director of Police Services and Parking - Mike Luvera

Director at-Large, Human Resources - Staci Sleigh-Layman

Director of Faculty and Staff Relations - Corey Moriyama

Director of Student and Financial Services - Kelley Christianson

Executive Assistant to the President - Kim Dawson

Executive Director of International Studies and Programs - Nicki Kukar

Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness - Nina Oman

VP of University Advancement - Scott Wade

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