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University Policy Advisory Committee

UPAC is an advisory committee that advises the president on updates and revisions to existing policies and procedures, as well as proposing new ones. The membership of the committee is set by university policy.  

The purpose of the committee is to: (1) review and recommend to the president changes to university policy and procedure; (2) serve as a communication vehicle for the campus; (3) review departmental policies and procedures impacting or affecting other departments; and (4) recommending for acceptance as a departmental policy/procedure to the appropriate vice president or chief of staff.

UPAC meetings will be held at 9:00 am in Barge Hall 412

Meeting dates are March 8, April 26, and June 14. 

Contact: President's Office

Meeting Agenda

I. Action Items

1. Action: Approval of UPAC meeting minutes from November 9, 2022
2. Policies & Procedures: Summary sheets precede individual policies and procedures.

A. Academic and Student Life - Michelle DenBeste

No policies or procedures at this time. 

B. Finance & Administration - Joel Klucking

1. CWUP 2-30-200 and CWUR 3-40-140 Recruitment, Retention, and Hiring

Informational (approved by President Wohlpart in December, 2022):

CWUP 2-30-060 Civil Service and Temporary (including Student) Employee Leave 

CWUP 2-35-050 Sexual Harassment

CWUR 3-40-030 Education Benefits

C. Student Engagement & Success - Lucha Ortega

No policies or procedures to review at this time. 

D. President's Division - Andrew Morse

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