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Resources and Reports

Tuition Waiver Council Membership FY 2016

Member TypePositionMember NameTerm Ends
Ex-officioSpecial Assistant to VP of BFA (committee chair)John Swineyn/a
 Interim AVP, Financial Planning & AnalysisAdrian Naranjon/a
 Interim Director of Student Financial ServicesKelley Christiansonn/a
 Dean, College of the SciencesTim Englundn/a
 Director, AthleticsDennis Francoisn/a
 Executive Director, International Studies & ProgramsAnn Radwann/a
 Dean, Graduate Studies & ResearchKevin Archern/a
 Executive Director, Institutional EffectivenessInterimn/a
 Interim Dean of Student SuccessRich DeShieldsn/a
 Associate Dean, Student DevelopmentKeith Champagnen/a
 Academic Department Chair (Music)Todd Shivern/a
 Interim Associate Dean, Student Achievement/Student SuccessMindie Dieun/a
 ASCWU/BOD VP for Academic AffairsHauke Harfstn/a
 Associate Dean, College of Education and Professional StudiesVacant 
CC: Standing Guest InvitationAssociate Director of AthleticsGary Hyattn/a
 Interim VP, BFAJoel Kluckingn/a
 Committee SecretaryAlice Fulletonn/a


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