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The Retirement and Insurance Council


The Retirement and Insurance Council reviews policies and programs for employee benefits. The work of the committee pertains primary to the CWU Retirement Plan for faculty and administrative exempt employees. The retirement plans for classified staff and the insurance plans for all employees are controlled at the state level.


Membership includes six appointed positions: three faculty, one exempt, one civil service, and one retired faculty or retired exempt.

Reports to: Sherer Holter, Chief of Staff, President's Office

Current Membership

Chair, Ex-officio: Traci Klein, Benefits Administrator

Faculty 1 of 3:  Linda Cashman          Term Expires:6/30/2015

Faculty 2 of 3:  Bill Provaznik              Term Expires:6/30/2013

Faculty 3 of 3:  Chad Wassell             Term Expires:6/30/2014

Civil Service:  John Ebenal                 Term Expires:6/30/2013

Retired Faculty:  Jim Green                Term Expires:6/30/2015

Exempt:  Keith Champagne                Term Expires:6/30/2014



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