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CWUP 5-60 Departments and Department Chairs

5-60-010Academic Department Chairs Organization (ADCO)


CWUP 5-60-010 Academic Department Chairs Organization (ADCO)

The academic department chairs organization comprises academic department chairs and the provost/senior vice president of academic affairs (ex officio). ADCO advises the provost on matters concerning operation of the academic units and related administrative decisions. ADCO’s by-laws are maintained on file in the provost’s office. The chair of ADCO sits on the president’s advisory council.


CWUP 5-60-020 Chairs

The university administration expects department chairs to be leaders in developing strong student advising, teaching, research, public service, and academic programs within their departments. In matters of selection, retention, tenure, promotion, and work assignments of faculty and department personnel, and in preparation and administration of departmental budgets, department chairs are responsible to their school/college dean.

Department faculty speaking collectively are expected to advise the department chairs on any special tasks expected of the chair.


CWUP 5-60-030 Departments

Departments are groupings of teaching and research faculty organized by academic disciplines. As such, responsibility for advising, instruction of students and research rests with departments. Research and/or creative work by faculty is a matter of im
portance to the departments, as is service to the university, community and state. Each department has its own budget, including such items as travel, supplies, student help, telephone, and equipment.


CWUP 5-60-040 Responsibilities

A. Faculty Activities: Teach an appropriate workload as determined under
the provision of the CBA. Engage in scholarship and service acti
vities as part of the workload.

B. Curriculum: Provide leadership in the planning, delivery, assessment, accreditation, improvement, and development of the academic curriculum in the disciplines housed in the department.

C. Faculty Personnel: Administer evaluations, workloads, annual activities reports, and other department personnel matters.

D. Support-Staff Personnel: Recruit, supervise, and evaluate support staff.

E. Students and academic Policy: Apply academic policy and respond to student needs; participate in student recruitment and retention.

F. Planning and Budgets: Coordinate department development, review, and revision of the department strategic plan; prepare the department budget request; and monitor departmental budget expenditures.

G. Facilities and Equipment: Oversee the use and maintenance of department facilities and equipment.

H. External Relations: Develop and maintain relationships with units and individuals external to the department.

I. Other Administrative Duties: Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Dean.


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