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CWUP 2-30-205 Dual Career Assistance

Central Washington University is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and administrators. Candidates for positions are sometimes dual career couples. A candidate’s final decision to accept or reject an offer of employment is increasingly influenced by the university’s ability to identify appropriate employment for the candidate’s spouse or partner. Oftentimes, the ability of the university to meet the employment need of this spouse/partner is critical to the university’s capacity to meet institutional objectives. The following policy is designed to assist department chairs and other administrators attempting to explore a spouse/partner hire.

1.  Definitions:
Primary candidate: A candidate selected for hire by a department or a current employee.

Spouse/partner: Spouse/partner, inclusive of both marital and non-marital relationships and both same and different-sex spouse/partners.

Target department/unit: Unit(s) where an opportunity may exist for employment of the spouse/partner. 

2.  This policy does not create any entitlement or contractual rights to employment assistance or employment or any other obligation with respect to any candidate’s spouse/partner. Efforts will be made to assist the spouse/partner in finding suitable employment, but given limited resources and varied needs, it will not be possible to respond to the employment needs of all dual career couples.

a. The spouse/partner must meet the minimum qualifications of the available or proposed position.

b. Following a formal interview and evaluation process, an offer of employment to the spouse/partner will be extended when there is support on the part of the target department/unit where the position is located.

c. In all cases, a funding model for the available or proposed position will be developed. 

d. The spouse/partner hire will receive all approvals as stipulated in university policy.

e. The terms and conditions of a spouse/partner hire will be consistent with the terms and conditions of employment for similarly situated faculty/staff.

[Responsibility: Human Resources, Operations Division; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 10/26/2016; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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