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Resources and Reports

Inclusivity Contacts

Incident Response Coordinator (Director of Diversity and Inclusivity):   509-963-2152
CWU Public Safety and Police Services:   509-963-2958
Dean of Students:   509-963-1515
Office for Equal Opportunity:   509-963-2205
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator:   509-963-3214
Wellness Center/SAFE:   509-963-3213
Health and Counseling Center:   509-963-1391
Crisis Line - Lower County:   509-925-4168
Crisis Line - Upper County:   509-674-2881
Central WA Comprehensive Mental Health:   509-925-9861
Kittitas Valley Community Hospital:   509-962-9841
Disability Support Services:   509-963-2171
Office of International Student Programs:   509-963-3612

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