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CWUP 2-30-030 Distinguished Service Recognition - Civil Service and Exempt Employees and President Emeritus Status

(1) Eligibility - Distinguished Service Recognition may be awarded by the board of trustees at the recommendation of the appointing authority upon the retirement or death of civil service and exempt staff after ten years of full-time equivalent employment with the university. The ten-year service requirement may be fulfilled by noncontiguous periods of employment. President emeritus status may be awarded by the board of trustees upon the retirement or death of a president.

(2) Rights and Privileges - Civil Service and exempt staff and president emeritus awarded distinguished service status shall be entitled to:

(A) Full library privileges;

(B) Campus parking privileges;

(C) University identification card bearing name, title during employment with the university, and honorary title;

(D) University email account;

(E) Receive selected university publications without charge;

(F) Participation in the academic and social functions of the university.


[PAC: 09/05/07; 02/02/2011; 06/06/2012; Responsibility: President’s Office; Authority: Cabinet/PAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/PAC; Review/Effective Date: 04/15/2020; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]




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