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Inclusivity/Diversity Committee

The committee reports to the president and the president’s cabinet through the inclusivity and diversity director.

The purpose of the committee includes:
1. implement current and future inclusiveness and diversity action plans and annually evaluate specific plans for achieving university short and long term efforts;
2. examine existing structures that inhibit inclusiveness and recommend changes that create greater inclusion;
3. serve in an advisory capacity to the campus and external community in developing concepts to meet CWU diversity aspirations;
4. integrate the university’s inclusivity efforts among the members of the campus and surrounding community;
5. facilitate communication of CWU’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity;
6. serve as a resource and participate in university strategic planning.

Inclusivity/Diversity Committee Policy

Committee Members

Inclusivity/Diversity Resources Page

Meeting Dates

April 11, 2014 1pm-2pm @ Barge 312

May 2, 2014 1pm-2pm @ Barge 312

Minutes and Reports

Year End Report