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CWUR 1-60-060 Policies Manual Changes

(1) Definitions

(A) University policy – A university policy is the governing principle, plan or understanding that guides an action. It states “what” we do, not how. These policies are approved by the president, cabinet and/or board of trustees. Such policy affects and/or impacts students, staff or faculty that are external to the department, unit or division that is responsible for oversight of the policy. University policies follow the approval process outlined below.

(B) Department policy – A department policy is a specific guide that only applies to a department or unit. For example, a guide for employees in human resources regarding confidentiality within the department. Departmental policies are coordinated and approved by the vice president/chief of staff, or designee in the respective areas.

(2) Responsibility - The president’s office will be responsible for maintaining all university policies on the web page. Appropriate links should also be established on individual division, department and unit web pages. An “s” drive account will be set up for the word document in order that identified individuals in each division can make recommended changes, in track change format, for consideration. The chief of staff is accountable for the ongoing review of university policies and the executive assistant is responsible for the review within the president’s office and coordinating the review in each of the other two divisions.

(3) Approval Process - All university policies shall be reviewed through the divisional lines (academic and student life up to the provost/vice president for academic and student life (VP); business and financial affairs up to the vice president for business and financial affairs/CFO (VP); president’s office and all others up to the chief of staff (CofS). The VP or CofS will bring forth policies to Executive Leadership Team for submittal to the president’s advisory council for recommendation to approve by the president.

(4) Format - The format for all university policies will be determined by the president’s office. The basic guide for each policy includes:

1. Title
2. Approval process (PAC / President / BOT)
3. Policy number as assigned by the president’s office
4. Date of approval and history of such approval
5. Responsible department, college, division
6. Authority for policy (RCW, WAC, etc.)

(5) Policy Review - The chief of staff will develop a schedule for the biennial review of all university policies that have not been modified during the preceding two years.

[Responsibility: President’s Office; Authority: Cabinet/PAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/PAC; Review/Effective Date: 4/6/2011; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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