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CWUP 8-30-010 SAEM Committees

(1) Appointment of Students to Serve on Search and Standing Committees - Student representatives may serve on selected search or standing committees for Central Washington University faculty and administrators. The person or group organizing the committee shall determine if student representatives are needed to serve on their committee. The chair or members of the committee shall request the nomination, to the ASCWU Board of Directors, for student representatives to serve on their committee. The student nominees shall be nominated by the ASCWU Board of Directors and those names will be forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management for review.

(2) SURC Board - The board functions as a sounding board for matters pertaining to the operation of the building. The board develops union policy and submits said policies to the SUB director for approval. Changes or modifications to the existing policies and procedures may either be initiated by the appointed membership or by the SURC director.