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CWUP 5-90-060(8) International Students

(A) International students must submit the university's international student application for admission and non-refundable application processing fee.

(B) Applicants must submit official transcripts from all secondary schools and colleges attended to the office of admissions.

(C) Examination results, such as general certificate of education, ordinary and advanced level scores, West African school certificate, Hong Kong certificate of education or advanced level certificate, etc., should be sent directly from the testing center in charge of administering the examinations. Personal student papers, copies, or attested copies are not accepted for admission or evaluation purposes.

(D) International students must meet the following minimum requirements for admission purposes:

1. Evidence of completion of the academic course work and national examinations that would qualify them to apply to colleges and universities in their native country.
2. Normally, if English is not the first language, competency in English demonstrated in one of the following ways:
3. English is the first language, the foreign language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree can be fulfilled by completing the basic skills foreign language requirement, passing the CLEP, passing a foreign language course challenge exam, or seeking approval from the Chair of Foreign Languages.
4. Applicants transferring from U.S. Institutions must have a minimum grade point average in transferable courses as established by the Academic Affairs Committee or DTA Associate's degree from an accredited Washington state community college (or approved out-of-state associate's degree).
5. Adequate financial support for the student's intended studies. Financial support will be judged based on applicants' confidential financial statement and a current bank letter or guaranteed source of funding.
6. If all of the above conditions are met, the student is recommended for admissions by the international admissions counselors, and the Office of International Studies and Programs may issue the INS certificate of eligibility for F-1 status (Form 1-20).

(D) Exceptions to the above admissions requirements must be approved by the admissions review committee in consultation with the director of international studies and programs.