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CWUP 5-90-060(5) Cornerstone Program (College in the High School)

(A) The cornerstone program, administered through the office of continuing education, offers high school students the opportunity to take college courses on their high school campus during regular school hours.

(B) Students who demonstrate academic success in high school are recommended by their counselor or teacher are eligible to enroll. All cornerstone students must meet specific CWU course prerequisites for courses as are listed in the university catalog before enrolling.

(C) Classes are taught by high school teachers who have been approved to serve as CWU adjunct faculty by the department chair and the respective college dean. At a minimum, the adjunct faculty must have a master's degree in the field appropriate to which they are teaching, from an accredited institution or equivalent credentials.

(D) Cornerstone courses must be academic in nature and at the 100-200 level. All courses must follow approved CWU syllabi (CWUP 5-90-010(37)) and use textbooks approved by the department chair or designated cornerstone coordinator.

(E) Evaluation. Academic departments will assess all classes included in the cornerstone program. For all courses taught as part of the program, teachers are required to administer the university's student evaluation of instruction (SEOI) or alternative assessment approved by the department chair.

(Faculty Senate Approved 5/8/02; PAC approved 6/26/02)[7/09]