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CWUP 5-90-060(10) Offer of Admission

(A) Admission to the university occurs only on valid offer of admission.

(B) An offer of admission is only valid for the academic quarter indicated in the acceptance letter; an applicant who chooses not to accept an offer of admission may reapply for a subsequent quarter.

(C) Students offered admission to the university must confirm their intention to enroll by paying a nonrefundable confirmation fee before they can begin the orientation, registration, and advising process.

(D) Students who choose not to accept offers of admission must notify the office of admission in writing.

(E) The university may withdraw an offer of admission if, between the time of application and the quarter of intended enrollment, an applicant's academic work results in not meeting the requirements for admission. In this case, the confirmation fee will be refunded.

(F) The university will not withdraw an offer of admission until after May 1. After that date applicants who have not paid the confirmation fee may be denied admission.


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