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CWUP 5-90-040(4) Credits

(A) A minimum of 180 quarter credits is required. Students who have accumulated more than 210 credits will be notified prior to registration that they must submit graduation applications or develop graduation plans or a hold will be placed on their registration. Students must develop graduation plans working with an academic advisor. Individual plans must be approved both by the advisor and the major department chair and submitted to the registrar before this hold can be removed.

(B) A minimum of 60 credits of upper division study (courses numbered 300 and 400) is required. Students must study on the university campus or at an established university center at least three quarters and earn a minimum of 45 credits.

(C) Credits earned through industrial or military experience or through credit by examination may not be used to meet residency requirements.

(D) Transfer students must earn from CWU a minimum of 10 credits in the major and, if a minor is declared, 10 credits in the minor.

(E) Students who have accumulated 210 credits or more and intend to complete a double major or double degree, and have not yet completed either program, must meet with both department advisors and submit one graduation plan signed by both department chairs and both major advisors to the registrar. This also applies to double majors in different colleges. If one major has been completed, only the advisor and the department chair for the uncompleted major need to review and sign the petition.

(F) Students who have accumulated 210 credits or more and intend to include one or more minors in their academic plan are required to obtain the approvals of their major and minor advisor.