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CWUP 5-90-010(9) Calendar

The university calendar will be established and approved annually by the provost and the president's cabinet. The registrar is responsible for initiating and developing the calendar incorporating review and comments by the office of human resources, athletic director, department chairs' organization, provost's council, and faculty senate.

Following are procedures to follow in setting the university calendar:
1. The registrar's office originates a proposed schedule.
2. The draft is forwarded by September 30 to human resources for holiday schedule review.
3. The draft is forwarded by October 15 to the athletic director for review.
4. The calendar draft is forwarded by October 15 to the provost's council for review. a. The ADCO chair reviews the schedule with the department chairs;
b. The faculty senate chair reviews the schedule with the faculty senate;
5. The provost's council completes its review of the university calendar by December 1.
6. The provost submits the calendar to the president's cabinet for approval.

Note: The university calendar process should begin eighteen months before the effective date of a new university catalog. To complete the process in a timely manner, the calendar process should begin in the month of September.

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