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CWUP 5-90-010(6) Admission to Major

1. Students are required to apply for admission to the program in which they want to major. Completed forms are to be submitted to the department office which administers the major.

2. Students must be admitted to a major or pre-major prior to accumulating 100 credits.

3. Students who have not been admitted to a major or pre-major prior to 100 credits will have holds placed on their registration.

a. Transfer students who enter with 100 or more credits are expected to submit an application for a major or pre-major to the major department before their second quarter at CWU.
b. Requests for waivers to this policy must be signed by a CWU advisor and submitted to the registrar. Such waivers will be granted only for a single quarter.

4. Departments with major requirements that prohibit being admitted to a major at 100 credits or sooner must request pre-major codes from the office of the registrar and establish pre-major advising.

5. Students who are admitted to majors that contain fewer than 60 credits must also be admitted to a minor.