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CWUP 5-90-010(33) Required Student Participation in Assessment Activities

(A) Assessment of students - As part of the continual evaluation and pursuit of excellence in ongoing programs, students are required to participate in assessment activities at several points during their academic careers.

1. Students will be assessed for placement into English 101 and math 101 and above upon entering CWU as freshmen. Students with deficiencies in English usage/reading or computation must correct them prior to enrolling in Eng 101 or math 101 and above, respectively.

2. Once accepted, international students may be evaluated by the ESL staff to determine whether additional English-as-a-second-language course work will be required during attendance at CWU.

3. Students will be tested for proficiency in English usage, reading, and computation after the student has completed 90 credits but prior to accumulating 110 credits. Departments may establish their own requirements as long as they meet or exceed university standards. Departments may also require students with deficiencies to correct them before being accepted into the major.

(B) Assessment of Programs

1. Students will participate in an assessment of intended student outcomes of the general education program.

2. Students will participate in end-of-major assessments prior to graduation.


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