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CWUP 5-90-010(32) Repetition of Courses

1. Some CWU courses are approved for repetition with credit awarded each time the course is taken and passed. Such approval is indicated in the course description in the university catalog.

2. Full tuition is assessed for all repeated courses.

3. Other CWU courses may be repeated under the following conditions:

a. Students are allowed to take a course a second time. Students attempting to take the same course a third time may do so only with permission of the course instructor and the department chair. Unless otherwise designated as repeatable, courses may not be taken more than three times without permission of the dean of the college and department chair.
b. Credit will be awarded only once including credit for transfer courses that are repeated at Central.
c. When a course is repeated, only the last grade earned will be used in the computation of the cumulative and major grade point averages. All grades will remain in the student's official records.

4. Any CWU course repeated at another institution:

a. Can be transferred in for CWU credit.
b. Will be used in calculating both the CWU and the transfer GPA. (FS approved 5/28/03, AAC approved 8/8/03)


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