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CWUP 5-90-010(26) In Progress (IP)

1. For undergraduate students, "IP" is used when the student was not able to be evaluated by the end of the term, usually because instruction is not yet completed. "IP" is used for special circumstances within programs such as Flight Technology, International Studies and Cooperative Education.

2. For graduate students, "IP" is used for thesis, project study and organization development courses that normally extend beyond a single term.

3. All uses of the "IP" grade must be submitted to and approved by the Registrar.

4. A letter grade is issued when the course is completed and recorded by the Registrar, upon receipt of the Change of Grade form submitted by the instructor.

5. If a grade is not submitted to the Registrar within one calendar year the "IP" will automatically be changed to "F" by the Registrar. The instructor may request an extension from the Registrar.