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CWUP 5-90-010(23) Hardship Withdrawals

(A) After the sixth week of instruction withdrawals will be granted only for reasons of hardship and then only upon written petitions to and written approval by the registrar. (FS approved 5/28/03; AAC approved 8/8/03)

(B) The student must contact the course instructor and obtain his or her signature on the hardship withdrawal petition. The signature serves merely to acknowledge the petition and implies neither support nor rejection of the request.

(C) The registrar may consult with the course instructor when evaluating a petition for hardship withdrawals, and will notify the instructor if the hardship withdrawal has been approved.

(D) Hardship withdrawals from individual courses will not be permitted during or after the final examination period.

(E) Conversions of incompletes to withdrawals must be petitioned as if they were hardship withdrawals, i.e., they may be effected only upon petition to the registrar.

(F) Withdrawals will not be included in calculating grade point averages.


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