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CWUP 5-90-010(17) Credit/No Credit Option

(A)Students, except for first quarter freshmen and students on academic probation, may select one course per quarter under the credit/no credit option. The credit/no credit option is distinct from courses graded on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

(B) The credit/no credit option may only be applied to undergraduate free electives. The option does not apply to master's degree requirements.

(C) A maximum of 15 credits earned in credit/no credit courses may be allowed toward the 180 required for the bachelor's degree.

(D) Courses taken beyond the 15 credit maximum as credit/no credit will be converted to a grade.

(E) The grade recorded on the student's transcript will be "CR" if the course grade is C- or above. If below C-, the entry will be "NC."

(F)Instructors will not be informed which students are taking a course for credit/no credit. A grade will be given as in any other course.

(G) Students must designate a course as credit/no credit by the end of the change of schedule period.

(H) Courses taken on a graded basis may not be repeated on a credit/no credit basis.

(I) Credits earned under the credit/no credit option are not included in computing grade point averages