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CWUP 5-90-010(14) Course Numbering and Class Standing

(A) Courses are numbered sequentially from 100 through 700. Those numbered 100 are pre-collegiate, and credits earned in such courses are not accepted toward meeting degree requirements. Undergraduate courses are numbered 101 through 499, and graduate courses are numbered 501 and above. Courses numbered 500 are professional development courses and are not accepted toward meeting degree requirements.

Lower Division
Freshman level - 101 through 199
Sophomore level - 200 through 299

Upper Division
Junior level - 300 through 399
Senior level - 400 through 499

(B) A student's class standing is determined by the number of credits earned and/or accepted upon transfer. The following table lists the credits required for each class level:

Freshman - 0-44.9
Sophomore - 45-89.9
Junior - 90-134.9
Senior - 135 or more

(C) Students may enroll in courses one year level ahead of their present current status unless otherwise specified in the course description.

(D) Seniors may enroll in graduate level courses (501 and above) with the approval of both the instructor of the course and the department chair. Those wishing to designate the course for graduate credit must obtain approval from the associate vice president for graduate studies, research and faculty.