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CWUP 5-90-010(13) Course Challenge (Credit by Examination)

(A) Under certain circumstances the university may award credit or waive requirements based on course challenges. Matriculated students, enrolled on a full-time basis, may challenge any course which appears on the current course challenge list. A course challenge application form, available in the registrar's office, and applicable fee must be submitted to the registrar's office. The following rules apply:

1. Special courses such as "individual study," "special topics," "cooperative education," and "seminars" may not be challenged for credit.

2. A list of department-approved courses which may be challenged will be maintained by the registrar's office.

3. The challenge is conducted according to procedures established by the departments.

4. The result of the course challenge is recorded as "S" or "U" on the transcript and is not used in computing grade point average.

5. The application to challenge a course will be denied if:
a. credit for the course has been received previously at this or another college,
b. the course was previously failed,
c. the student previously withdrew from the course,
d. the course was previously unsatisfactorily challenged,
e. the course was previously audited or,
f. registration was canceled.

6. Credit by examination will not be allowed toward meeting the residence study requirements by the university.

7. Graduate students which have been admitted to a graduate program must obtain permission from the associate vice president for graduate studies, research and faculty, their advisor, and the course instructor for course challenge.