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CWUP 5-90-010(10) Catalog, The University

(A) The official electronic catalog (OEC) is the university's compilation for all curriculum. The OEC serves as the basis for major, minor, and program requirements for the degree audit system for that academic year. The OEC includes all the changes which met the appropriate deadlines for approval the previous academic year.

(B) Undergraduate catalogs are valid for five years. A student should expect to complete general education requirements as listed in the OEC current at the time of first enrollment at either CWU or a community college in the state of Washington (provided he or she transfers directly to CWU from the community college and has not attended another four-year institution). The student should also expect to meet the specific requirements of the departments for majors and minors in the OEC current at the time he or she is accepted by the department into the major or minor program.

(C) If the student does not enroll for two or more consecutive quarters at CWU (excluding summer) without a leave of absence, he or she must reactivate his or her major status. Reactivation must be done with the concurrence of the department and in accordance with department and OEC requirements current at the time.

(D) Department chairs will notify students that they are bound by the major requirements which became effective with the fall OEC for the academic year in which they are accepted into their major.

(E) Graduate students admitted to a master's degree program may use either the catalog they are admitted under or the current one.