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Resources and Reports

CWUP 5-90-010(1) Academic Advising and Orientation

(A) All students are expected to seek, and the university will provide, appropriate advising resources. These resources may include (but are not limited to) specific faculty advisors, special program advisors, career development counselors, advising seminars, advising workshops, and advising publications.

(B) A major or pre-major advisor will be assigned by the major department at the point at which a student is admitted into a major or pre-major program.

(C) Pre-major or major advising will be required for all students the quarter after they have obtained 75 credits and the quarter after they have obtained 115 credits, and implemented using a service indicator on a student's SAFARI account.

(D) All undeclared students will be required to indicate their intended major on SAFARI every quarter before they register.