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CWUP 5-60-040 Responsibilities

(1) Faculty Activities: Teach an appropriate workload as determined under the provision of the CBA. Engage in scholarship and service activities as part of the workload.

(2) Curriculum: Provide leadership in the planning, delivery, assessment, accreditation, improvement, and development of the academic curriculum in the disciplines housed in the department.

(3) Faculty Personnel: Administer evaluations, workloads, annual activities reports, and other department personnel matters.

(4) Support-Staff Personnel: Recruit, supervise, and evaluate support staff.

(5) Students and academic Policy: Apply academic policy and respond to student needs; participate in student recruitment and retention.

(6) Planning and Budgets: Coordinate department development, review, and revision of the department strategic plan; prepare the department budget request; and monitor departmental budget expenditures.

(7) Facilities and Equipment: Oversee the use and maintenance of department facilities and equipment.

(8) External Relations: Develop and maintain relationships with units and individuals external to the department.

(9) Other Administrative Duties: Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Dean.

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