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CWUP 5-50-020(8) International Study Courses

(A) Purpose - The administration and faculty of Central Washington University are dedicated to offering broad academically sound opportunities for living and learning in international/intercultural settings. Programs will be structured as an integral part of the academic program. Programs will be institution-wide in concept, objectives and implementation.

(B) Responsibility - The executive director of international studies and programs, in concert with the provost and the academic deans, is charged with coordinating and/or implementing all programs which involve either CWU students or CWU faculty. Cooperative, consortia or federated arrangements are encouraged among educational institutions with similar aims and goals.

(C) Criteria - Recognizing the unique and diverse nature of international study, university-sponsored programs abroad will meet the same academic criteria as would be required of similar programs on the home campus.

1. When credit is granted, the student's admission status will conform to the specific requirements of the registrar's office.
2. The teaching staff will consist of academic professionals who meet the standards for similar programs on the campus.
3. The course offerings will meet equivalent standards and conditions as those offered on the campus.
4. Courses with INTL, FNST or MFST prefixes are not offered on campus and are available only in conjunction with international programs, foreign languages or music departments. Credit to be given depends upon the evaluation made by the office of international studies and programs.
5. Travel programs per se or commercially sponsored "Travel Study" programs will not be granted credit.

(D) Process - Approval of international studies courses.

1. A new course form will be submitted to the FSCC as a variable topic course with a specific subject title. The new course form is approved by the office of international studies and the registrar's office before submission to the FSCC. 
2. Each sub-title falling into that specific subject may change quarterly and the office of international studies notifies the registrar's office of the course name.
3. The INTL courses will transfer into CWU as a general elective with the INTL prefix. To receive equivalency credit for an existing course, a student must petition a department for a substitution in their major.
4. International studies and programs courses that are approved CWU faculty-led courses may offer credit through individual academic departments and follow the same approval process as a special topic, seminar, or workshop. These courses are pre-approved by the specific department. (See CWUP 5-50-020)