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CWUP 5-50-020(7) Individual Study

(A) Definition - Individual study courses (-96) are those that include study of specific topics that are not offered as existing courses. The individual study course may be repeated for credit.

(B) Process - Individual study courses are given only with the permission of the department chair. Students must secure a faculty member willing to supervise an individual study course. Faculty may agree to supervise individual study courses only in the subject area of their specialties. Faculty willing to supervise an individual study course and the student wishing to register for it should confer to determine the specific topic(s) to be studied, outline the study area, and develop specific student learning outcomes and an assessment plan. The student should complete the "Individual Study Permit" form and obtain the approval signatures of the faculty member supervising the study and the department chair. Faculty may either use letter grades or S/U depending on the nature of the study.

(C) Criteria - Faculty should approve individual study courses only if the student has demonstrated adequate background in the subject to be explored, sufficient scholastic ability to succeed in the task, and independent study skills sufficient to conduct the study.

(D) Restrictions - The individual study course is intended for individual students, not for groups of students. If the learning experience is intended for a group of students, it must be offered as a special topic course (-98) or a regular course. Examples of inappropriate use of individual study include: internships, seminars, instructional or laboratory assistance, administrative assistance, tutoring, duplicating an existing course and groups of students doing identical individual studies.