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CWUP 5-50-020(2) Cooperative Education

NOTE: This is not a complete statement of policies and procedures for the cooperative education program. That document is available in both career services and faculty senate offices.

(A) Introduction - Cooperative education (-90) is an individualized contracted field experience where the student is actively engaged in hands-on learning with business, industry, government, or social service agencies. This contractual arrangement involves a student learning plan, cooperating employer supervision, and faculty coordination.

(B) Minimum Requirements (departments may have additional requirements):

1. The student is in good academic standing (above 2.0).
2. The contracted field experience is directly related to the student's major field of study and/or career goal.
3. The student has completed the appropriate prerequisite courses and possesses the required skills and knowledge.
4. The student must have a departmental faculty cooperative education (co-op) advisor.
5. The student must complete at least 45 credits prior to enrolling in a 290 including at least 15 credits at CWU.
6. The student must complete a minimum of 90 total credit hours with 10 or more credits in his/her major to enroll in 490.

(C) Program Enrollment

1. The student must complete and submit the learning agreement form for registration.
2. Students may register for cooperative education courses numbered 290, 490 and 590. Credits are variable: 1-5 for 290, 1-12 for 490, and 1-8 for 590 level courses; as approved by academic department.
3. The student may count 20 credits toward graduation of which 10 may be at the 290 level and/or transfer credits. No more than 8 credits may be applied to a graduate degree.
4. Courses may be repeated when objectives and activities are different.

(D) Awarding of Credits

1. A minimum of 40 hours of field experience is required for each credit.
2. A means of evaluation is established between the student, the employer, and the faculty co-op advisor. Grading is S/U; letter grade is optional if approved by the faculty co-op advisor.
3. If the field experience is terminated by the employer or academic department or student, credit will not be awarded.
4. Credit will not be given for field or work-study experience completed prior to registration.
5. The contracted field experience may or may not be a paid position.
6. The cooperative education program is subject to periodic internal program review and assessment, completed at least once every five years. Routine review of evaluations from employers, faculty, and students occurs on a quarterly basis along with a continuous review of field placement sites.

(E) Student Supervision and Coordination

1. The employer/supervisor is identified on the learning agreement form.
2. The faculty co-op advisor must contact the employer/supervisor and the student at least twice each quarter.

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