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CWUP 5-50-020(16) Restrictions on Courses

(A) ADA. To be in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodative Policy, learning outcomes must be explicitly stated and must specify "essential elements" for ADA purposes and specific measures for assessment. The student learning outcomes specify a body of knowledge that the department wants taught each time a course is offered regardless of who the teacher may be. The educational processes that will be used in evaluating students, which may vary with different instructors, need to be separate from the essential elements. Such elements may be attendance, participation, quizzes, papers, presentations, and projects.

Here is an example of a statement that may be included on the syllabus that has been endorsed by the ADA officer:

ADA. Students who have documented disabilities that may affect their ability to access information and/or material presented in this course are encouraged to contact the Disability Support Services (DSS) office so that appropriate academic adjustments and accommodations can be provided. Students who have not documented their disabilities and wish to arrange for academic adjustments and accommodations, as well as students who require additional information should contact Disability Support Services in Bouillon Hall, Room 205 or telephone 963-2171 (TDD 963-2143).

An ADA Form must be attached to new course forms, special topic, seminar and workshop forms, enrichment course forms, and course change forms.

(B) Appropriate Level for Enrollment. Students may elect courses with a number designated for the year beyond their actual class standing unless the course description specifies otherwise.

Departments may restrict students from enrolling in lower-level courses if they have completed work in the discipline at a higher level, or they show competence in the lower level course content.

(C) Credit Restrictions. Credit for a course may not be given more than once unless the catalog specifies otherwise.

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