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CWUP 5-50-020(14) Professional Development Courses

(A) Definition - Professional Development (500) course proposals will have the following catalog description:

DEPT 500: Professional Development (1-5). Development topics and issues for in-service and continuing education of professionals. Not applicable to degrees nor institutional requirements for endorsements or teaching certificates offered through the university. Usually graded S/U.

(B) Process - Departmental addition of a 500 catalog entry will follow the normal curriculum process for course additions. Specific 500 courses will be approved through the graduate office and at the individual college level.

(C) Restriction - Upon approval, the course may be offered for a period of five years. There is no limit on the number of times such a course may be offered during the five year period. After the five year period, the course must be resubmitted. The office of continuing education will notify the appropriate department annually of expiring professional development courses.

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