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CWUP 5-50-020(1) Contact Type Definitions for PeopleSoft

Listed below is the approved designation for contact hours by type.

ACT = Activity physical education activity courses.
PRA = Practicum. Learning by practical experience under direct supervision of faculty and student employer. The primary learning activity is by supervised "hands-on" experience. Including, cooperative education (-90) and internships.
DIS = Discussion - two way interaction between student and faculty.
EPA = End-of-Program Assessment. Courses in which the primary activities involve reviewing and assessing student work on their major program. Including portfolio assessment.
FLD = Field Experience
IND = Independent Study. Student works independently with the limited faculty direction. Used for (-96) and (-95) courses.
LAB = Laboratory. Instructing, preparing, and supervising student investigations and field studies. Used primarily for science based courses.
LEC = Lecture. Formal presentation, primarily one way communication. Use for Special Topic (-98) courses.
LEP = Lecture and Practice. Formal presentation of course content followed by practical application of material in a classroom or class lab setting.
PRL = Private Lesson. Students work one to one with instructor. Used primarily for private lessons in music.
SEM = Seminar. Students carry the major responsibility for course preparation, research and presentation of topics. Use for Seminar (-99) courses.
STU = Studio. Multi-level group instruction often used for music and art studio courses.
SUP = Supervision. Students engaged in supervised practical experience. Including student teaching.
THE = Thesis. Preparation of the master's thesis (700) or undergraduate thesis.
WEB = Web. Courses designed to be taught strictly via the web.