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CWUP 5-120-150 Tours for Non-CWU Groups

The Brooks Library’s priority is to serve the research and curriculum needs of CWU students, faculty, and staff.  The Library also serves as a valuable resource to the local community and to the state.  Tours are available to assist non-CWU groups make the best use of the facilities, collections, and services.  Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for tours from outside groups.  Due to the demands for facility use and academic support, library tours for non-CWU groups are discouraged the last two weeks of each term. 

[Responsibility: Library Dean; Authority: Marilyn Levine, Provost/VP for Academic and Student Life; Reviewed/Endorsed by Provost’s Council; 09-11-2013: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 02-05-2014; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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