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CWUP 5-120-030 Circulation

A Central Washington University ID card or library card is required to check out library materials, which includes the general collection and Government Publications.  Users are responsible for all materials checked out on their card.

All CWU faculty, staff, students, alumni and the general community may borrow materials from the Libraries. 

Loan Rules
Checkout periods apply to the following constituencies and materials types:
CWU students, graduate students, staff, alumni & community
21 days
90 days
Reserve materials
2 hours
Reserve media materials
4 hours
6 weeks
Summit DVDs/Videos
6 days
Periodicals (Centers Only)
7 days

Media Materials:
6 days
3 days
2 hours
Electronic equipment
2 hours
Government Publications21 days

• Books are subject to immediate recall at the request of another borrower after a minimum use period, or immediately if they are needed for the Reserve Collection.
• Materials are to be returned no later than the date due, prior to the Library closing time.
• Items in the Library that do not circulate included:  reference, microforms, periodicals, special collections.
• Borrowers are subject to a limit of 100 checked out materials at one time; exceptions may be waived upon approval from the Circulation Supervisor.
• Any patron with fines of $100.00 or more will have borrowing privileges suspended until the fines are paid and their account is in good standing.

• Books: 3 renewals
• Periodicals (Centers): No renewals
• Summit materials: No renewals
• DVDs/CDs/Videos: 1 renewal
• Cameras: 1 renewal
• Laptops & equipment: No renewal

Service and Replacement Charges
All CWU students, staff, alumni, and community borrowers are subject to fines for overdue materials.  The date stamped in the item is the original notice of the due date.  Failure to receive notices does not exempt borrowers from responsibility for charges.  Faculty are not fined for overdue materials but are billed for materials lost or returned more than 28 days late.  After the 28-day fine period, faculty will be charged the processing fee plus the maximum overdue fine, $15.00, which is retained as a billing fee.

Book Fines: $0.50 a day for eight days; $1.00 a day thereafter to a maximum of $15.00.
Recalled items: Regular fine plus $0.25 per day.
Billing Replacement cost: plus $7.00 processing fee, plus $15.00 maximum fine.
Reserves Fines: $1.00 per item per hour, not to exceed $12.00.
Billing After 48 hours: $12.00 plus established replacement cost.

Periodicals (Centers)
Fines $0.25 a day for eight days; $0.50 per day thereafter to a maximum of $15.00.
Billing Replacement cost, plus $7.00 processing fee, plus $5.00 maximum fine.

Fines: $0.50 a day for eight days; $1.00 a day thereafter, to a maximum of $15.00.
Billing: $15.00 plus a $75.00 replacement fee.

DVDs/CDs/Videos/Cameras/Media Equipment
Fines: $1.00 a day for seven days.
Billing: $20.00 plus replacement cost.

Fines: $10.00 per hour for five hours.
Billing: $50.00 plus $1,500.00 replacement cost.

• If a billed and paid item is found and returned within a year, the charge for replacement will be refunded unless the item has been replaced.
• Fines and processing fees will not be waived or refunded.

All charges must be paid to the Cashier’s Office in Barge Hall.  University records may be held until such charges are cleared.  Failure to comply with Library policy may result in the revocation of library borrowing privileges.

Laptop Rules
• One laptop computer per patron may be borrowed at a time.
• All laptop computers must be returned to the Library Circulation Desk 15 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes. 
• The Borrower assumes all responsibility for all costs associated with the loss, theft or damage to the laptop computer and its accessories.  All costs associated with the loss, theft or damage to the laptop computer while on loan to the Borrower shall be the sole obligation of the Borrower. 
• The Borrower must inform the Library Circulation Desk staff immediately of any problems, damages, malfunctions, loss or theft of the laptop computer.
• The laptop computer must remain in the Library at all times.
• Laptop computers must be kept out of direct sunlight and away from liquids. 
• All files must be stored on a flash drive or the patron’s Novell file space prior to the return of the computer to the Circulation Desk.  The Library does not assume any responsibility for files stored to the laptop computer.
• No software may be loaded onto the computer at any time and none of the existing software or configuration options may be altered or deleted.
• Laptop computers must be returned to the Circulation Desk, not in the book drop.  Damage or replacement fines may be charged for any computer returned in a book drop. 

[Responsibility: Library Dean; Authority: Provost/VP for Academic and Student Life; Reviewed/Endorsed by Provost’s Council; 09-11-2013: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 02-05-2014; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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