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CWUP 5-110 Summer Session

5-110-020Department Administration
5-110-030Budget and Budget Process
5-110-040Planning for the Summer Session
5-110-050Professional Organization Memberships
5-110-070Teaching Load Guidelines


CWUP 5-110-010 Administration

The provost is the principal administrator for summer session working through the office of continuing education. Continuing Education prepares and submits the summer session budget, including tuition charges, to the budget advisory committee during fall quarter. The school/college deans are responsible for the development of the schedule of courses to be offered and for proposing and administering the school/college budget. The deans also appoint faculty, subject to approval by the provost. Department chairs develop the summer session programs.


CWUP 5-110-020 Budget and Budget Process

The summer session budget is maintained in the office of continuing education. The summer session budget/project year is from October 1 through September 30. A budget hearing will be held, open to the campus community, at which time budget requests, with rationale, are presented and budget expenditure accountings are given. After board of trustee approval of the budget, the provost allocates funds to those units for which allocations were approved.


CWUP 5-110-030 Department Administration

Department Chairs Holding Nine and one-half to Eleven Month Contracts: It is recognized that department administration in the summer is essential to effective programming and teaching. In addition to compensation for teaching, department chairs may, with the approval of the appropriate dean, receive compensation for administrative activities during the summer. This compensation is based on two calculations: (a) a fixed stipend (see chart); and (b) re-assigned faculty contact hours based on number of FTE faculty (see chart). To calculate the re-assigned faculty contact hours, add the total number of credits taught by department faculty (excluding 490’s, 496’s, 590’s, and 596’s), then divide by 10. If, for example, the result is 3 FTE, then the department chair will be paid for 2 comparable re-assigned faculty contact hours 2/45 of academic year salary). In the event a current department chair is not available for summer, the school/college dean, in consultation with the department/department chair will appoint a person to serve as acting chair for the summer.

Department Chair Salary Calculation
Summer Session FTEFStipend PLUS Comparable Re-assigned Faculty Workload Units
0-1 FTE$600 + 0 FWU
1-2 FTE$600 + 1 FWU
3-4 FTE$600 + 2 FWU
5-6 FTE$600 + 3 FWU
7-8 FTE$600 + 4 FWU
9-10 FTE$600 + 5 FWU
11-12 FTE$600 + 6 FWU
13-14 FTE$600 + 7 FWU
15-16 FTE$600 + 8 FWU
17-18 FTE$600 + 9 FWU
19-20 FTE$600 + 10 FWU



CWUP 5-110-040 Planning for the Summer Session

The summer session coordinator, in collaboration with the provost, and, with advice from the school/college deans, the registrar and summer session advisory committee, will prepare and distribute a planning guide prior to November 1. The summer school planning guide will include, but not be limited to:

1. A calendar for summer session.

2. The process and time line for submitting course schedules.
CWUP 5-0 Academic Affairs.

3. Registration information.

4. Class meeting time guideline. Scheduling courses, excluding workshops, must adhere to established meeting times guidelines.


CWUP 5-110-050 Professional Organization Memberships

Central Washington University maintains membership in, the western association of summer session administrators and the north american association of summer sessions. The provost, or the provost’s designee, is the official representative for purposes of communication and representations.


CWUP 5-110-060 Reporting

In November continuing education will report on the completed summer session. Reports will include enrollments, income, expenses, and any new initiatives.  Information for the reports will be provided by the deans, registrar, institutional studies, budget office and continuing education.


CWUP 5-110-070 Teaching Load Guidelines

A full load for summer session is 10 (ten) workload units (wlu). Recognizing there may be special situations, exceptions may be approved by the appropriate dean and provost.


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