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CWUP 5-100-020 General Education Program Approval Effective Date

Individuals proposing general education curriculum changes submit a completed General Education Rationale Form with a description of the proposed change, including an effective date and a New Course Form, if the course is not an existing course, along with all appropriate signatures, to the General Education Committee. After the General Education Committee acts on the proposal, if approved, the chair of the General Education Committee completes a Program Change Form and sends it to the Faculty Senate curriculum committee chair. The FSCC lists it in the curriculum summary log. The academic community has two weeks to respond to the curriculum summary log. Following the two week hold the FSCC acts on the proposal, the chair adds a memo documenting curriculum committee action, and sends it to the general education committee chair to be placed on the Faculty Senate agenda for action. The Faculty Senate chair then submits the Faculty Senate action to the provost.

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