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CWUP 2-50-100 Use of Closed Circuit Television and Cameras

This policy applies to the procurement, installation, monitoring, and use of closed circuit television and camera systems (CCTV) on the premises of Central Washington University (CWU).

CCTV is used to monitor general retail and public areas in order to deter crime and assist the Department of Public Safety and Police Services in providing for the security and safety of individuals and property of the university community. Any diversion of security technologies for other purposes would undermine the acceptability of these resources for safety goals and is therefore prohibited. Video monitoring of university premises is limited to use in areas other than those where someone would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as classrooms, offices, restrooms and locker rooms. For the purpose of this policy, the university premises include all university property, structures and buildings, including those areas occupied by businesses or other services.

[PAC: 04/01/2009]