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CWUP 2-50-080 Media Equipment

(1) Media equipment purchased with Media Technology and Instructional Support (MTIS) or academic department funds and located in department areas will be inventoried by MTIS and made available for checkout and instructional use by academic departments. The Conference Center, Scheduling Center and Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC) will be responsible for the purchase, inventory and maintenance schedule of their media equipment.

(2) In consultation with the academic departments, and the Deans, MTIS will ascertain the on-going media equipment needs of each academic department to ensure that the necessary media equipment is available. This will occur towards the end of each academic year and will be done in collaboration with the Provost´s Office. A new list of equipment will be presented to the university administration for its review and funding consideration. Equipment found unneeded will be retrieved and redistributed in accordance with the identified needs of other academic departments.

(3) Department Chairs will contact MTIS to request maintenance service or to request changes in their assigned equipment.

(4) Campus delivery and pickup of media equipment will be handled as follows:

1. Brooks Library Media Circulation will provide delivery and pickup service for all media equipment included on its inventory.
2. The Conference Center, Scheduling Center and SURC will provide delivery and pickup service for all media equipment included on their inventories.
3. MTIS will provide delivery and pickup service for all media equipment included on its inventory.

(5) For purposes of this policy media equipment includes:

1. Projectors (opaque, overhead including peripherals, slide, film [8mm/16mm], and video devices)
2. Cameras (digital, film, and video including camcorders) 
3. Audio Equipment and Systems 
4. RF/Video/Monitors 
5. Video Players/Recorders including Videodisk 
6. Miscellaneous Media Equipment

(6) MTIS will provide all repair and maintenance on media equipment. (Any charges for these services will be in accordance with its internal operating policies and procedures.) Users will be encouraged to perform minor cleaning (for example: lens dusting, bulb replacement) of equipment on loan.

(7) Set-up and operation of audio systems which serve academic operations are the responsibility of MTIS. All other operations will be the responsibility of the Scheduling Center. In addition, MTIS will provide technical and operational media support to the SURC, Scheduling Center and Conference Center on an as needed/requested basis. All such requests should be coordinated through the Scheduling Center, which determines whether reimbursement of costs to MTIS is required.

[Academic Affairs Council: 04/06, PAC: 07/08]