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CWUP 2-40-240 Campus Security and Safety Policy

Central Washington University is committed to the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors in all buildings and grounds owned, leased and/or operated by CWU. It safeguards the campus community and facilities by identifying conditions or circumstances that may pose risk, and establishes reasonable practices that support a safe and secure environment. All faculty, staff, students and other members share responsibility for the safety and security of the institution and must conduct university activities and operations in compliance with applicable federal and state regulations and other university policies.

The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act, commonly referred to as the Jeanne Clery Act is contained in Section 485 of the Higher Education Act, a Federal law. This Act requires certain institutions of higher education, such as Central Washington University, to have policies and procedures and take specific measures relative to campus security, safety and crime reporting. These procedures are available at CWUR 7-80-020.

[Responsibility: Operations; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Review//Endorsed by: Cabinet: 04/24/2013: Review/Effective Date: UPAC 05/01/2013; 11/04/2020; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]



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