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CWUP 2-40-220 Voice Mail

All university faculty, exempt, and civil staff by virtue of their use of Central Washington University telephone services accept the responsibility of using these resources only for appropriate university activities.

Information technology resources include voice mail telephone services.

(A) Voice mail service is provided to faculty, staff, and administrators who use the university's telephone system.

(B) Each employee's voice mailbox has a capacity of 15 mail messages. These messages may be archived messages or messages not yet listened to.

(C) The voice mail system purges all messages that are 15 days or older.

(D) Messages may be saved for up to 15 days.

(E) Employees away from their station for extended periods of time have two options. The voice mail system may be accessed remotely or an extended absence greeting may be left on the system for callers.

(F) All messages left on voice mail will be deleted after 15 days whether listened to or not.

[6/22/1999; Responsibility: AVP of ISS; Authority: Cabinet; Review/Endorsed by: President’s Cabinet; Review/Effective Date: 04/2006; Authorized by: A. James Wohlpart, President]

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