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CWUP 2-40-140 Health and Safety for the University Community


To maintain a safe and healthful environment for all sanctioned activities, and to provide university employees, students, volunteers, and visitors with guidance associated with safety and health concerns in academic and work environments.

(1) Introduction

(A) This policy applies to all employees, including students and temporary hourly employees, and will prevail for terms not covered under collective bargaining agreements for represented employees. It is to be administered in accordance with federal and state health and safety regulations and WAC 296.

(B) The university will manage occupational and environmental health and safety in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

(C) All employees are expected to practice individual accountability for safe behavior within the university community.

(D) All employees are expected to support occupational, environmental, and public health initiatives to reduce hazardous-waste generation, conserve resources, and work toward a sustainable future.

(2) Responsibilities

(A) Administrators are responsible for providing safe working and learning environments for those persons under their direction in accordance with WAC 296-800-110.

(B) Supervisors at all levels will ensure their employees are aware of potential hazards in their working environments and will:

1. Ensure new employees receive safety orientation.

2. Require compliance with health and safety standards

3. Document and communicate workplace hazards and safety procedures

4. Coordinate necessary corrective actions or control methods for identified hazards

5. Monitor and schedule required safety training

6. Ensure employees are provided and use required personal protective equipment (PPE)

7. Ensure employees promptly report accidents or incidents, and review reports to determine whether unsafe conditions, equipment, or practices caused or contributed to the accident or incident

8. Take action to ensure injured employees receive appropriate medical attention

(C) Employees will:

1. Take an active role in establishing and maintaining a safe work environment

2. Comply with university health and safety procedures

3. Maintain required health and safety training and/or certifications, when applicable

4. Properly use and maintain personal protective equipment (PPE)

5. Promptly notify their supervisor of accidents or unsafe conditions and complete an accident or incident report

(D) Environmental Health and Safety staff will:

1. Manage occupational and environmental health and safety activities throughout the university,

2. Ensure university operations are conducted in compliance with applicable occupational and environmental health and safety regulations

3. Coordinate required inspections, audits, and reporting for external agencies concerned with occupational and environmental health and safety compliance

4. Coordinate or provide required safety training or services for situations including, but not limited to confined spaces, hazard communication, ladder safety, and respirator fit testing

5. Administer health and safety programs, procedures, and training in accordance with local, state and federal regulatory requirements

6. Provide consultation and interpretation to employees regarding health and safety requirements and best practices

7.  Conduct an annual chemical inventory audit.

(E) The Dept. of Human Resources will:

1. Develop and administer procedures to mitigate workers’ compensation claims, such as light or transitional duty assignments, pre-employment testing for safety, sensitive or physically demanding positions, and

2. Return-to-work and/or stay-at-work programs

3. Provide interpretation and consultation regarding this policy, procedures, and best practice

(F) The Health and Safety Council advises the university in the development and revision of official policies and procedures to ensure compliance with occupational and environmental regulations and programs in accordance with WAC 296-800-130.

[Responsibility: Operations; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/PAC; Review/Effective Date: 9/5/12; 04/06/16; 02/19/2020 Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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