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CWUP 2-20-040 Course Materials - Cost Savings

(1) In accordance with RCW 28B.10.590, the Wildcat Shop will:

(A) Provide students the option of purchasing materials that are unbundled when possible, disclose to faculty and staff the costs to students of purchasing materials, and disclose publicly how new editions vary from previous editions;

(B) Actively promote and publicize book buy-back programs; and

(C) Disclose retail costs for course materials on a per course basis to faculty and staff and make this information publicly available; and

(2) Faculty and staff members consider the least costly practices in assigning course materials, such as adopting the least expensive edition available when educational content is comparable as determined by the faculty and working closely with publishers and local bookstores to create bundles and packages if they deliver cost savings to students.

(3) As used in this section:

(A) "Materials" means any supplies or texts required or recommended by faculty or staff for a given course.

(B) "Bundled" means a group of objects joined together by packaging or required to be purchased as an indivisible unit.

[PAC: 02/07, BOT: 05/07]

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