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CWUP 2-10-140 Reprographics

The following guidelines will apply to reprographics on the campus of Central Washington University:

(1) Definition of Reprographic Work

1. All work done by the university's duplicating center.
2. All publications, brochures, posters and other printed material paid for from university funds and not intended solely for classroom use.
3. Xeroxing and duplicating not intended solely for classroom use.
4. Graphics design, editing and preparation of camera-ready art for duplicating materials.
5. Laminating, diazo and other specialized reprographic processes.

(2) Reprographic work involving university facilities, equipment and employees shall be done only for activities with university budget number or, in cases where there is no budget number, for the following purposes:

1. Reprographic work related to students' classroom activities.
2. Reprographic work associated with the affiliation of faculty and staff in organizations or professional societies related to their currently assigned duties at the university.
3. Reprographic work associated with the membership of students, faculty and staff in honor societies.
4. Reprographic work associated with the membership of students, faculty and staff in clubs and organizations sponsored solely by the university. Sole sponsorship shall be deemed to include a university-sponsored local chapter of a club or organization which also has other chapters.
5. Reprographic work related to students' residential affiliation with the university, including activities involving dining services, and incidental or impromptu recreational functions.
6. Reprographic work related to scheduled or contracted use of university facilities by non-university organizations, provided that no profit for such work is taken by the producers.
7. Reprographic work related to student, faculty or staff research and public service responsibilities.
8. Reprographic work related to charitable or educational activities (509(c)3), non profit or public service groups which are supplemental to or associated with a university department. Reprographic work for such groups is limited to services not readily available in the Ellensburg community and must be approved by the office of university relations.

(3) All reprographic work which officially represents the university and is intended for an external audience should be reviewed by the office of university relations prior to being reproduced. Exceptions to this provision include reprographic work for students, and reprographics supporting faculty, research, instruction or public service.

(4) A standing reprographic committee, appointed by the president, and representing faculty, staff and students, shall provide a continuing evaluation of reprographics policies and activities. The scope of this committee's concern encompasses all forms of reprographics on campus.

[PAC: 11/2/83]

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