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CWUP 2-10-080 Honorary Naming of Buildings and Other Major Memorials

The Central Washington University naming policy covers the naming of university facilities and landmarks, including the naming of buildings, their wings, labs, classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, auditoria, and other interior components; recreational facilities, plazas, fountains, roadways, malls, quadrangles, and walkways; parks, patios, gardens, steps and service facilities; and colleges, programs, centers and institutes (hereinafter “naming opportunity”).

(1) Authority - The board of trustees has the final authority in naming buildings and colleges. All such proposals will be approved by the president prior to forwarding to the board of trustees. The board of trustees delegates all other naming opportunities to the president/designee.
(2) Administration and Implementation - The president appoints the naming priorities committee to administer and implement the university naming policy. This body will forward naming recommendations to the president. (see procedure CWUR 1-60-040).

[08/03/2011: BOT 03/15/02, Motion 02-18, BOT 06/13/03, Motion 03-38, BOT 10/10/03, PAC 09/05/07, Responsibility: BFA; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 11/07/2012; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]