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CWUP 1-70-020 Protocol for Meetings

(1) Order of Business of the Board of Trustees. The business at each meeting of the board of trustees shall include:

Approval of the Minutes of Last Meeting
Proposed Changes to the Agenda 
Chair Report
President's Report
Information and Action Items
Consent Agenda
Public Comment

(2) Agendum. At least seven days prior to each regular meeting the secretary shall distribute an agendum of items to be considered at the meeting to each trustee and members of the president's cabinet. The board chair and the president shall jointly determine the agenda. Any board member may request agenda items to the board chair.

(A) Distribution. Agendas for each regular meeting shall be available on the board of trustees' website at least seven days prior to the board meeting []. Proposals for tuition and fee increases will be made public twenty-one days prior to the board meeting.

(3) Communications. Communications to the board of trustees shall be in writing and shall be presented by the secretary to the board of trustees at the next regular meeting following their receipt. Communications from the president or members of the faculty or student body or employees of the university shall be presented by the secretary to the board of trustees through the president. With the permission of the board chair, individuals, or representatives of organizations may address the board during the business meeting. All communications presented to the board of trustees shall be filed by the secretary.

(4) Minutes. Minutes of each meeting of the board of trustees, regular or special, will be available no later than one week prior to the next public meeting. Minutes of the board of trustees' meetings will be available online or by contacting the president's office.

(5) Seating and Board Resources. Members of the board will be seated at the focal point in the meeting room. Those who must serve as "staff" to trustees during meetings will include the president, vice presidents, chief of staff, secretary to the board and assistant attorney general.

The president of the board of directors of the associated students of Central Washington University, and the chairs of the faculty senate, association of exempt employees, and the employee council are invited to send a report to the board of special interests and to act as a resource for the trustees when requested.

Neither staff nor representatives to the board have the authority to make motions to vote. This authority is limited exclusively to the eight trustees.

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